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2023: Tribunal Will Not Declare Peter Obi President, Freemasons To Mourn

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Rev Obinna Akukwe, a foremost Igbo Cleric, Activist and Columnist, wants to prophetically warn the traumatized Nigerian Church that the 2023 Elections Petitions Tribunal will not declare Peter Obi, candidate of the Labour Party as President of Nigeria, and Freemasons will mourn the outcomes of the petitions.

Rev Obinna Akukwe is talking as a Prophet and will not entertain any nonsense from fake pastors and false prophets who deceived their members and congregation that God is about to reclaim the mandate of Peter Obi.

I have ascended the Mountain of Transfiguration once more where the gods interact as I did in September 2022, and have seen and been told that the Outcomes of the Presidential Elections Petitions Tribunal will not be favourable to Peter Obi. I also saw that tribunals will uphold most of the contentious governorship elections including Lagos, Rivers and Delta.

Rev Obinna Akukwe has spoken. If you claim you hear from God, declare your counsel. Recall that on the 26th of August 2022, I was taken to the Mountain of Transfiguration, where I saw the battle for the Soul of Nigeria, I warned the corrupt and compromised Nigerian Church on the 10th and 17th September, 2022, a month after the visitation, that any Candidate they endorse will fail.

The compromised church leaders abused me, cursed me and carried on their endorsement of a particular candidate thereby beclouding the bright chances of the aspirant with their polluted prophetic decrees.

When the results of the elections were not favourable to them, they organised prayer sessions devoid of God’s approval to stop the inauguration of the incumbent President on the 29th of May, 2023, senseless prayer warfare. I dissociated from. They claimed that a certain interim government will usher in their preferred candidate, and I warned top church leaders in private that there would be a peaceful inauguration.

Now the compromised church is reeling out unapproved prophesies on how God will upturn the election results in the Court tribunal in favour of Peter Obi. This is another false prophecy and any church member, who believes this trash, will be disappointed all through to the Supreme Court.

However, in my recent visits to the Mount of Transfiguration, I saw members of the Labour Party, Freemasons and the Compromised Church angrily bemoaning and mourning the outcomes of the Presidential Elections Petition Tribunal. Some Grand Lodges were attributing their failure to three factors I will not elucidate since it is the internal affairs of the Masons.

Till then, Let the Church rid itself of false prophets, fake pastors, marine pastors, corrupt pastors and senseless prophecies and in the next election cycle, their choice of candidate will triumph.

By Rev Obinna Akukwe

A Columnist, Activist, Church Leader

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