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Apapa Labour Party Faction Unites With Abure Faction To Fight Peter Obi

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Abuja, June 23, 2024 – The Apapa faction of the Labour Party (LP)  has reconciled with Julius Abure, officially recognizing him as the national chairman. This reconciliation aims to present a united front against Peter Obi and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), who have been at odds with the party’s leadership.

The prolonged leadership struggle between the Abure-led LP and Apapa’s faction had nearly split the party, especially during the 2023 presidential election petition. Apapa’s faction had even filed a petition to discontinue Obi’s challenge against President Bola Tinubu, which many saw as an anti-party activity aimed at destabilizing the LP for the benefit of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Arabambi, the spokesman for Apapa’s camp, confirmed the reconciliation, stating, “Yes, it is true. The reconciliation was done to fight a common enemy.” He clarified, “Peter Obi and the NLC, particularly the NLC President, Joe Ajaero, are our common enemies.”

The NLC had supported Abure during his conflict with Apapa. However, the relationship soured after a contentious national convention in Anambra State three months ago, which re-elected Abure and his loyalists to the National Working Committee (NWC). The NLC Political Commission responded by voiding the new leadership and setting up a transition committee to organize a fresh convention.

This led to a series of NLC-led picketing at LP secretariats nationwide, demanding an all-inclusive convention. Despite the pressure, Abure retained his position, which compelled him to seek reconciliation with Apapa’s faction.

A source at the LP national secretariat, preferring anonymity, explained, “Abure felt the urgent need to close rank with Apapa’s faction due to the open revolt and pressure from the NLC and his differences with Obi.”

Arabambi elaborated on the reconciliation, dismissing the notion that the LP had reserved the 2027 presidential ticket for Obi as “a complete fallacy.” He emphasized, “We are together to stop all those political hawks from taking over our party. We thought the NLC was fighting for a just cause, but it’s clear they only want to take over our party.”

National Publicity Secretary of LP, Obiora Ifoh, also confirmed the reunion, stating, “They have reconciled and Apapa has reverted to his earlier position as the Deputy National Chairman, South. Apapa pledged solidarity with the Abure-led National Working Committee.”

Ifoh noted that the reconciliation was aimed at moving the party forward, adding, “The Labour Party is one united party now except for some little pockets of opposition led by Kenneth Okonkwo. We are confident he will soon join the mainstream party led by Abure.”

Ifoh disclosed ongoing talks with the Ajaero-led NLC to position the Labour Party strategically for the 2027 elections and the upcoming governorship elections in Edo and Ondo later this year. He highlighted the importance of unity, stating, “It was because of the reconciliation that Apapa has been speaking in favor of one united political party led by Abure.”



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