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Are Nigerians Really Tired?


This upcoming election is really confusing. It’s almost 8 years of the Buhari administration and if I am to judge, I’d say it has been far far-fetched. Too many broken promises. It looks like Nigeria has never been this messy.

The previous administration was constantly ridiculed for less misappropriation. The same citizens that abused former President Goodluck Jonathan, have been consistently mute. Till today, I don’t understand why Goodluck Jonathan was always criticized. Maybe Nigerians are indeed disoriented or malevolent.

Are Nigerians really tired?

‘No’. I don’t think Nigerians are tired.

What should they be tired of? They must be tired of the rising inflation, the disturbing unemployment rate, the plague of insecurity, and the troubled currency depreciation. Nigerians must be tired of upsetting governance.

We have had democracy for 23 years but I doubt the people understand the features of democracy. I still can’t comprehend the way Nigerians select leaders. I am Nigerian and this status has got me unsettled. Truth be told, the more I think and talk about Nigeria, the sadder I become. I don’t want to give up but what are the odds that we would do better in 2023? It’s really absurd that with the current perturbed situation in Nigeria, many citizens still defend and support gross incompetence.

I hear statements like, ‘None of them are good but we will manage one’ or ‘Nobody is a saint’. Tribal sentimental statements like, ‘I will vote for him because we speak the same language’ or because ‘It is time for our tribe to rule’. Honestly, if we are putting tribe and competence into consideration, the Igbos deserve to rule. But regardless, every Nigerian has the right to a franchise.

About the elections in 2023, the Electoral Act 2022 should be held at heart. Every politician and candidate must respect the provisions of the law. Yes, some Nigerians are sceptical but we should, for once, put the interests of the country first.

If Nigerians are really tired of bad governance, they should show it through the legal options available. People that are tired of wrongs do not succumb to any form of intimidation or sentiments.

By Chinedum Anayo

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