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British Foreign Secretary, David Lammy Calls For Renewed Partnership With EU

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In a forward-looking article published on July 7, 2024, in The Local Europe, British Foreign Secretary David Lammy laid out his vision for revitalizing Britain’s relationships with its European neighbors. As Lammy embarks on a significant diplomatic tour to Germany, Poland, and Sweden, he emphasizes the need for a renewed and strengthened partnership amidst the backdrop of pressing global challenges.

“I am a man of multiple identities. Londoner. English. Patriotic Brit. Proud of my Caribbean heritage. A transatlanticist. And, throughout my political career, absolutely committed to a close partnership with our European neighbours,” Lammy wrote, expressing his deep-rooted commitment to fostering stronger ties with Europe.

Lammy, alongside Prime Minister Keir Starmer, aims to reset relations with Europe, portraying Britain as “a reliable partner, a dependable ally and a good neighbour.” His immediate focus is on engaging with key European leaders such as Annalena Baerbock of Germany, Radek Sikorski of Poland, and Tobias Billström of Sweden to forge closer collaborations on shared challenges.

One of the most urgent issues Lammy addresses is the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

“We will stand by the brave people of Ukraine, as they defend their freedom against Vladimir Putin’s new form of fascism,” he asserted, reiterating Britain’s unwavering support for Ukraine. Highlighting the collective strength of allied nations, he noted, “We are always stronger when we work with others. Germany, Poland, and Sweden are all also staunch supporters of Ukraine.”

Looking ahead to the upcoming NATO Summit in Washington, Lammy draws inspiration from his political hero, Ernest Bevin, the former Labour Foreign Secretary pivotal in forming NATO 75 years ago.

“This government’s commitment to the Alliance is unshakeable, just as it was in Bevin’s time,” Lammy stated. He plans to discuss further investments in defense industries and Ukraine’s potential path to NATO membership.

Beyond security, Lammy underscores the importance of economic cooperation, especially in tackling the climate emergency. He stresses the need for coordinated global action, particularly in Europe with its interconnected energy networks.

“Together, we must invest in the industries of the future and deliver sustained economic growth for all,” he urged.

Cultural and personal ties also form a cornerstone of Lammy’s vision for renewed European relations. From holidays and family connections to educational exchanges and sporting events, he believes these interactions enrich the lives of citizens across the continent. “Thanks to this, our citizens benefit from the rich diversity of our continent,” he noted.

Lammy also highlighted various platforms for collaboration, including NATO, the G7, the Joint Expeditionary Force, and the European Political Community, which will convene at Blenheim Palace later this month. Central to his agenda is improving Britain’s relationship with the European Union through a proposed UK-EU Security Pact, aiming for a “new geopolitical partnership.”

Reflecting on the shared history and values of Europe, Lammy concluded, “Today, we all share a commitment to democracy, human rights, and international law. Tragic experiences in our continent’s shared past have helped us to understand how our shared security and prosperity depend on these shared values.” He expressed optimism about the future, stating, “I look forward to seeing Britain reconnect with our European neighbours in the years ahead.”

David Lammy’s visit to Germany, Poland, and Sweden marks the beginning of what he hopes will be a new chapter of cooperation and mutual progress between Britain and Europe.

Editor: Gabriel Ani

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