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Court Of Appeal Uphelds N50 Million Damage Charges To A Woman Sen. Elisha Abbo Assaulted In Sex Toy Shop

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The Court of Appeal in Abuja has upheld the N50 million damage charges against Sen Elisha Ishaku Abbo for assaulting one Ms Osimibibra Warmate at a sex toy store in 2019.

In a ruling by a three-member panel headed by Judge Jamilu Tukur, the court rejected Abbo’s appeal he had filed against the judgement made by Judge Samira Bature on September 29, 2020, in the context of a legal action to respect fundamental rights introduced by Warmate.

Warmate had claimed that the Senator representing Adamawa North slapped her, pulled her hair, and dragged her out of the shop.


But, the Senator had argued that the above was equal to to rights violation, but a case of simple assault.

However, the court, on Tuesday, upheld the FCT Supreme Court’s decision, finding that Bature was right to uphold Warmate’s case and award N50 million to the senator.

The court rejected Abbo’s argument that the action had not been properly taken to the trial court and that he had not received a fair trial.


The court, in ruling Tuesday, also rejected Abbo’s argument that Warmate’s testimony that he slapped her, pulled her hair, and pulled her out of the store did not constitute a breach of interest but merely a simple case of aggression.

It went further and described Abbo’s behavior as “sufficiently outrageous,” and settled all five issues, determined to reach a decision, against the senator and awarded him an additional N500,000.


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