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Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas Attends Peace In Ukraine Summit In Switzerland

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Stenbock House, Tallinn, Estonia, 15 June 2024 ⁄CHATNEWSTV⁄— Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas will today join world leaders in Switzerland for the International Summit on peace in Ukraine, holding in Bürgenstock Resort.

In a press statement released in the early hours of Saturday by the Estonian prime minister’s media office and sent to ChatNewsTV, Estonia is attending the summit to express support for Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his peace plan.

“Ukraine’s Peace Formula, which focuses on the full restoration of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, is the only peace plan from Estonia’s point of view that guarantees a just and lasting peace for Ukraine,” Kallas stressed. 

According to the Prime Minister, it is also important that we can meet partners from around the world in Switzerland and express our common support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“I am going there with the message of why it is crucial to uphold respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of states. If we allow aggressors to override the principles of the UN Charter and international law and dictate the rules of the game, we will find ourselves in a much more dangerous world,” Kallas explained the Estonian position.

The European Iron Lady also stressed the importance of not forgetting that the most important objective remains to win the war on the battlefield.

“To this end, we must continue to provide military aid to Ukraine and to raise the price of aggression for Russia,” said Kallas.

More than 100 delegates, 92 countries and 8 international organizations are participating in this year’s peace summit, hosted by the Swiss president Viola Amherd.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky arrived on in Switzerland on Friday evening.

The Peace Summit will provide an opportunity for the global majority to take specific steps in areas that matter for everyone in the world: nuclear safety, food security, and the return of prisoners of war and all deported persons, including deported Ukrainian children,” he posted on the social media platform X. The Ukrainian leader thanked everyone who decided to join and demonstrate global leadership and commitment to peace, international law and the UN Charter.

“Together, as responsible global majority, we must make every effort to ensure that wars, aggressions, and colonial occupation can be ended and that they will never repeat. I am certain that everyone in the world is interested in just peace and respect for every nation. This is why the summit is designed in such a way that each nation has the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in achieving shared goals. The voice of the responsible global majority has the potential to bring peace closer and restore full force to the UN Charter,” Zelensky wrote.

Though, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government didn’t want Russia involved. But the Swiss insist that Russia must be involved at some point, and hope it will join the process one day.

The conference this weekend, underpinned by elements of a 10-point peace formula presented by Zelenskyy in late 2022, is seen as a largely symbolic effort on the part of Kyiv to rally the international community and project strength against Russian might.

But the question looming over the summit will be how the two countries can eventually end the war without Moscow attending.

The conflict has also led to international sanctions against nuclear-armed Russia and raised tensions between NATO and Moscow. The summit comes as Russian forces have been making modest territorial gains in eastern and northeastern Ukraine.


By Gabriel Ani, with additional report from AP



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