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Europe’s Response to Russia’s Shadow War Will Define The Future Of The Bloc — Estonian Prime Minister

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The European Political Community Summit, held in Granada, Spain on October 5, 2023, placed a spotlight on crucial matters pertaining to security and democracy across Europe. European Iron Lady and Prime Minister Kaja Kallas emphasized the significance of international organizations and cooperation, calling for necessary reforms within the United Nations.

Kallas pointed out Russia’s exploitation of its veto powers as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, which severely undermines the organization’s ability to uphold its Charter. In addition to wielding this diplomatic tool, Russia has resorted to hybrid attacks, sowing seeds of instability within Europe.

“Russia’s objective is to destabilize democratic processes in Europe. How we respond to Russia’s shadow war will define the future we will inhabit,” stated Prime Minister Kallas. During the roundtable discussions, the summit also delved into the critical topics of multilateralism, countering the spread of misinformation, bolstering cybersecurity, and fostering collaboration with the private sector.

In a bilateral meeting, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, deliberated over the situation in the Western Balkans and explored ways in which the European Union could offer assistance.

The third European Political Community Summit boasted participation from all European nations and the heads of EU institutions, with the notable exceptions of Russia and Belarus. The forthcoming summit is scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom during the first half of the next year. Prior summits were hosted in Moldova (2023) and the Czech Republic (2022).

Looking ahead, an informal European Council meeting is set to convene in Granada on Friday, October 6, to discuss the European Union’s long-term strategic objectives, enlargement, and the mounting migratory pressures faced by Europe.

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