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Germany Condemns Chinese Aggression in the South China Sea

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The German government has condemned what it called “Chinese Aggression” in the South China Sea.

This was made known in a statement released on Friday by the German Foreign Office spokesperson.

“The German Government is watching China’s conduct in the South China Sea with deep concern. The reports, images, and videos now available on the latest incident early this week are disturbing. Philippine boats were blocked, rammed, and boarded by force by Chinese vessels during a routine supply mission. Several Philippine crew members were injured. We wish all of them a speedy recovery,” the spokesperson said.

The incident occurred in the waters around the Second Thomas Shoal, part of the Philippine exclusive economic zone according to the 2016 ruling in line with the Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The German Government condemned the “dangerous and irresponsible maneuvers and actions” by Chinese vessels, noting that such behavior contradicts UNCLOS and increases the risk of further escalation.

Germany reaffirmed its commitment to advocating for the comprehensive implementation of UNCLOS, freedom of navigation, the peaceful settlement of disputes, and the preservation of peace and stability, in collaboration with its international partners.

China has been asserting expansive claims over the South China Sea, including island formations and so-called “historical” maritime areas, which lack any basis under international law. Over the years, China has increased its efforts to create artificial islands and bolster its military presence in the region.

The German Government highlighted that Chinese ships have increasingly entered the waters of other states bordering the South China Sea, employing dangerous maneuvers to force vessels away. The use of lasers and water cannons against Philippine boats has escalated to several collisions. The recent boarding of Philippine boats, the deliberate damage to boats and equipment, and the illegal seizure of objects, as seen in recently published videos, represent a new level of escalation.

Editor: Gabriel Ani

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