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Google Appoints A Nigerian, Alex Okosi As New Managing Director For Google Africa


Google has named Enugu state born Ogbuefi Akunne Uche Alex Okosi as the new Managing Director for Google in Africa, marking a significant move aimed at fostering growth for businesses and economies across the continent.

Meir Brand, Vice President of EMEA Emerging Markets at Google, expressed in a statement that Mr. Okosi would assume a pivotal role in overseeing Google’s operations in Africa. This appointment underscores Google’s commitment to not only expanding its presence but also facilitating greater accessibility and providing essential tools to enhance the online experience for the next billion users.

Brand lauded Okosi as a distinguished leader with extensive experience in both media and technology industries. He emphasized Okosi’s profound understanding of African countries and his dedication to leveraging technology for the empowerment of individuals and businesses.

Alex Okosi’s remarkable journey includes holding the position of Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Viacom International Media Networks Africa and BET International before joining YouTube. In his most recent role at YouTube, Okosi played a crucial role in driving the platform’s growth and reach across Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Mr. Okosi shared his excitement about leading Google’s team in Africa and becoming an integral part of this vibrant and diverse region, which holds a special place in his heart. He firmly believes in the transformative potential of technology, particularly the internet, to enhance people’s lives and support the growth of individuals and businesses in Africa.

Google’s longstanding presence in Africa, spanning over a decade, includes offices in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. The company’s products and services are integral to the daily lives of millions of people across the African continent.

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