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International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) welcomes first aid into Gaza but says much more is needed


GENEVA, Switzerland, October 22, 2023/ — The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is very pleased that the Rafah border crossing from Egypt into Gaza was opened briefly on Saturday morning.

Twenty is a tiny number of trucks given the needs in Gaza, but it is better than nothing and represents hope. We now call on all parties to allow in further vehicles to ensure regular aid into Gaza, where it is desperately needed.

On the trucks were medicines and food. The life-saving supplies were provided by the Egyptian Red Crescent and the United Nations and received by the Palestine Red Crescent with the support of the United Nations.

We ask that further aid includes fuel for hospitals as well as water. We also ask that safe passage is ensured so that aid can be delivered wherever in Gaza it is needed most.

Jagan Chapagain, Secretary General of the IFRC said:

“We’re grateful that the Egyptian and Palestine Red Crescent societies have been able to help get the first humanitarian supplies into Gaza. But the ongoing humanitarian needs in Gaza are immense. Much more aid will be needed to meet them.”

Marwan Jilani, the Director General of the Palestine Red Crescent said: “The operation went relatively well but this is just a drop in the ocean relative to the needs of Gaza. The Egyptian Red Crescent has many trucks that are packed – they are loaded – and they are waiting to get into Gaza anytime we are given the green light to go. From the Palestine Red Crescent side, we are ready to receive.”

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