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Mali, Burkina Faso send fighter jets to Niger ahead of ECOWAS military strike

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Burkina Faso and Mali have each sent fighter jets to Niger Republic ahead of the looming military strike by ECOWAS stand-by force on the country.

The move followed ECOWAS announcement that it has picked a D-day for its military invasion of Niger Republic to restore democratic order.

The two countries have been clear on their determination to fight with Niger in case of an invasion and have decided to match words with action by sending fighter jets to Niger.

Burkina Faso and Mali have stated from the onset that any attack on Niger Republic will be deemed an attack on both countries and will be vehemently resisted.

The West African countries, therefore, show the seriousness in their threats by sending in fighter jets to help their neighbour in distress.

Reacting to the move by Burkina Faso and Mali, an observer, Mr. J. C. Okechukwu, taking to his twitter handle, @jcokechukwu, expressed worries what the invasion may likely result to.

He tweeted: “As I see all these play out, I keep going back to that dream I had a sometime ago where fighter jets that look exactly like what Burkina Faso and Mali have sent to Niger were in the Nigerian skies, specifically Lagos, and was bombing indiscriminately and people were falling like flies.

“This is what these guys want. They want the entire region to be set on fire.

“With a major weapons manufacturer like RUSSIA playing big brother to these nations in the Sahel and Egypt warning it’ll not stand by and let this happen, what do you see for the region? A monster chaos!

“And you can bet they’re never gonna run out of weapons. But who bears the brunt? Us!”

Mr. Okechukwu recounted that Niger Republic hosts the largest drone base for the U.S. Army, while France has close to 1,500 soldiers on ground, with probability of other foreign elements in the region.

Blaming Niger for allowing a drone base in their country despite the danger associated with those bases, he said further:

“Many countries resisted the temptation to allow a drone base in their countries because those bases are dangerous.

“From those bases, people can be targeted and killed without a trace and no one will be held accountable. It happened in Pakistan and many other countries.

“From there, chemtrails can be sent into our skies to make the people sick. Chemtrails carry cancer microbes. I’ve done a video on this.

“Look up chemtrails. I have seen those chemtrails live in the skies over Lagos, Nigeria, and you know exactly where the drones are from.

“So, they have a lot to worry about and they don’t think diplomacy will give them what they’re looking for, which is total control.

“But it is us Africans who should put our feet down and say, no, we must go this route and not set our region on fire for the interest of a few.”

Okechukwu, however, expressed optimism that amidst the ensuing scruples, the African continent will emerge winners.

“Honestly, it’s not looking good, but the more the situation deteriorates, the more optimistic I become that African will eventually win big!” he said.

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