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On Kogi Politics: Truth Is Bitter

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November 05, (ChatNews TV) – The long-awaited controversy surrounding the Kogi central senatorial election, which was later dragged to the Tribunal and subsequently to the Appeal court, has come to rest, following the latter judgement today, declaring Natasha Akpoti, the Senatorial Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, as the rightful winner of the last election in Kogi Central.

This wasn’t a surprise to me as I long predicted Natasha Akpoti would win should she contest for the senatorial election even before the general elections itself. One could recall that barely two years after the last general election in Nigeria, I visited my home town in Kogi State and used the opportunity to understudy the political events in the State, taking note of how the ruling party and the opposition parties were fairing in the State.

I am one person who likes to say things the way they are, not minding whose ox is gored. One would agree with me that I was one of the main supporters of the All Progressive Congress writer then, but getting home and studying political events did not cloud my sense of reasoning and judgement. I came to realise that the ruling party was losing grip of their strongholds in the State, most especially where the incumbent Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, hails from.

In one of my accounts, I told Governor Bello point blank he was presently standing alone if we juxtaposed the feeling of the people at home to what his numerous supporters were claiming on social media platforms. I summarised my report with the title of the article “Governor Bello, a Lonely Masquerade”. I added that with the situation of things right then, Natasha Akpoti stands the chance of defeating any person that the ruling party might choose to slug it out with Natasha Akpoti, who might likely secure the People Democratic Party’s ticket in view of her tremendous humanitarian services in Kogi Central by single-handedly constructing inter-local government roads.

For having the audacity to say the truth the way things were, I was mimicked by All Progressive Congress media supporters who erroneously tagged me as an unrealisable person. Due to that report, one prominent politician in Governor Bello’s cabinet whom I regularly exchange phone calls called me, as well as discountenance our relationship. He stopped calling me as well and stopped responding to my messages on Facebook and WhatsApp. I lost the little helping hand he normally gives to me when I called for help on account of this report.

As I could picture then, what preempted that article was not to undermine or ridicule the ruling party, but a call to open their eyes to the reality on the ground with a view to making amend where necessary. I made that report for them to check themselves on where they were presently getting it wrong and re-strategise properly ahead of the general election. I was called all manners of names and some even misinterpreted me as having collected some few Naira notes from Natasha and her supporters to make that report. Here we are today; the reality is now starling in our eyes.

Natasha’s political sagacity is unique and she is such a big school which every political gladiator in Kogi State should understudy. Her victory and increasing popularity in Kogi State is nothing other than her genuine love for her teaming supporters. She likes keeping and maintaining her supporters, unlike other politicians who use you and dump after achieving their mission.

I wish Governor Bello and his arsenals could make amendments ahead of the November gubernatorial election in the State. Notwithstanding, I will make a report on who may likely win the forthcoming Kogi Gubernatorial election in the State in the next few days.

By Stephen Ojate


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