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President Tinubu never promised instant solution to Nigeria’s problem — Senator Oshiomhole


Former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, senator Adams Oshiohmole, has declared that president Bola Ahmed Tinubu never promised a magical solution to the numerous problems facing Nigeria.

The Edo-born senator stated this when appeared on Channels Television’s ‘Politics Today’ on Sunday night.

While responding to a question during his appearance, Oshiohmole noted that his party did not promise anyone a 24-hour solution.

He said, “They know they were not electing a magician. And nobody promised a magical solution. Don’t bother giving me an example. I know what we (APC) promised more than you. Whatever is reported, we are the source. We did not promise anyone a 24-hour solution and we did not promise an overnight solution. Can you show me any document where we said in 24 hours, this will be done?

“I think you are the ones who have the illusion that once a promise is made, automatically once he (Tinubu) gets into office, either spiritually or by miracles, solutions will emerge. What Nigerians need is what the president has demonstrated – the courage to take the decision, humility to admit some of the unintended consequences of those decisions, and, of course, the will to deal with those consequences.

Speaking further, Oshiomhole stated that resolving the fuel hike, unemployment and other challenges is not something that can happen in a day.

Also, he said the president deserves commendation for the manner he has hit the ground running since assuming office.

“To be fair, the fact that the doctor is committed to treating the patient and claims to know the nature of the disease afflicting the patient doesn’t mean that as soon as you wheel the patient to the theatre, a solution emerges.

“I think President Bola Tinubu has shown commitment. He withdrew the subsidy and admitted that one of the things we have to do is to adjust wages in the formal sector. The other one is to appropriate some funds to be given to vulnerable people,” he said.

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