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Prominent Northern APC Members Accuses President Tinubu Of Appointing Only Yorubas To Juicy Positions


Prominent Northern members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) under the banner of Progressive Change Ambassadors of Nigeria (PCAN) have accused President Bola Tinubu of lopsided appointments in his administration.

According to the group, mainly people from the southwest region are being appointed to top positions by the president.

In a statement by PCAN Executive Director Alhaji Abdulkareem Ubaydah and Secretary Muhammad Rabiu Awwal E, the group accused Tinubu of ignoring competent and qualified individuals from other ethnic groups.


Part of the statement read:

“Mr. President, we write to you today as concerned citizens of Nigeria and deeply troubled members of your party – the APC to express our deep concern about the perceived imbalance in your political appointments so far.

“We have observed that a significant majority of these appointments have been made from your southwest geopolitical zone and especially from your ethnic group – the Yorubas, to the exclusion of other qualified and competent individuals from other parts of the country.


“It is important to remember always that you are the president of all Nigerians, not just that of Yorubas of the southwest geopolitical zone.

“Your political appointments should, therefore, reflect the diversity of our nation and ensure that all Nigerians have a voice in your government.

“Unfortunately, your appointments to date have fallen far short of this standard. For instance, control of Nigeria’s economy has been ceded exclusively to southwest Yorubas as all appointments in that sector have been filled by them.


“Additionally, of 20 presidential aides appointed by you, 15 are from your geopolitical zone and ethnicity.

“Also, in the recent appointments of presidential Senior Special Assistants and Special Assistants, 8 are Yorubas from the Southwest! Also worthy of note are the facts that the Inspector-general of Police, Controller-generals of Nigeria Customs and Immigration Services, respectively, as well as the Chief of Army Staff, are all members of your ethnic group.”

PCAN urged the president to reconsider his approach to political appointments and to make a concerted effort to include people from all geopolitical zones in his government.


“This is the only way to ensure that all Nigerians have a fair chance to contribute to the development of our country and to live in a united and prosperous nation,” the group stated.



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