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Renowned Lifelong Advocate for Women’s Rights Activist, Dr. Satang Nabaneh Reflects on Decades of Impactful Female Gender Advocacy In Africa

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Renowned Gambian born Activist Dr. Satang Nabaneh has reflected on decades of impactful female gender advocacy in Africa.

In an abridged episode of 60Minutes Africa, host of the show Gabriel Ani had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Satang Nabaneh, a renowned advocate for women’s rights. Dr. Nabaneh’s work, which spans across Africa and beyond, has made significant strides in the areas of female gender advocacy.

Dr. Nabaneh’s journey began in her home country, The Gambia, where she started as a child activist at the tender age of eight. “Activism has basically been a key part of my journey and my life in very much as relates to especially the historical trajectory of The Gambia,” she said.

Her early involvement in various initiatives, especially those focusing on children’s rights, laid the foundation for her future work. She was a founding member of Voice of the Young, a child-led advocacy group under the Child Protection Alliance, and a member of the National Youth Parliament, Lend a Hand Society, and the Gender Action Team.

Watch the full 60Minutes Africa Interview below:

In 2002, she was elected as the first Gambian representative to the World Student Parliament, marking a significant milestone in her advocacy journey. During this time, she acknowledged the patriarchal nature of Gambian society and the prevalence of gender-based violence. She noted that the existing legal and policy framework was insufficient to protect children, women, and girls.

Dr. Nabaneh’s tireless efforts led to significant legislative changes. “Part of the work that I did, especially through those organizations, was, for instance, and one of the outcomes of that was the enactment of the Children’s Act of 2005, the enactment of the Women’s Act of 2010, which later we had, amendments to both the Women’s Act 2015, which led to their prohibition of female genital mutilation, but also as it relates to the Children’s Amendment Act prohibiting child marriage,” she explained.

Furthermore, her coordination with the Female Lawyers Association of The Gambia contributed to the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act and the Sexual Offenses Act of 2013.

Dr. Nabaneh’s work has had a profound impact on the ground, particularly in the areas of female gender advocacy. Her journey serves as an inspiration for many, highlighting the power of activism and the importance of legal and policy frameworks in protecting the rights of women and girls.

Dr. Satang Nabaneh is the current Director of Programs, Human Rights Center; Research Professor of Law at the University of Dayton, Ohio, in United States of America.

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