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Rufai Oseni: A Threat To Order


Rufai Oseni of ARISE NEWS TV, no doubt, has some mien of sorts! This often translates to anger, which is a bit difficult to manage like that of every other sincere Nigerian who is at the receiving end of APC shege!

I did advise a session on anger management for the Nigerian police when “trigger happy” was the phenomenon that journalism found to describe for frustrated, depressed armed officers who pull the trigger at the slightest provocation.

They were desperately in need of mental health evaluation but our brand of journalism bails issues. Ajakaiye Adewole and Adewole Ajayi Ajakaiye bear me witness on the proposal to the police. Our anger madness, however, has gone beyond the police need for mental evaluation.

Anyone having exposure to APC in any way should undertake a mental health evaluation session as a matter of urgency. This I say in all sincerity with a sense of responsibility. Please, do, as soon as you can, to mark yourself safe!

I said all I did to posit this; Rufai’s analysis is top notch, but he ceased to be a journalist in the context of Nigeria. He is more like representing the voice of the oppressed whenever he’s on set. Such was the case this morning!

I can relate to his style of journalism, even though I have no formal training in the profession. My activities in the space of communications lately have bestowed on me the tag of a “Journalist”.

This I do appreciate, but passion for facts and commitment to see the truth spoken in context of patriotism to Nigeria and not idolising any politician has fanned my practice of what the public termed journalism on my part.

Professionalism has been highlighted by an observer who was pissed off by Rufai Oseni session this morning as follows:

“*don’t talk more than your guest
*let your question be brief, precise and clear.
*don’t form opinion, raise issues and let the guest come with his opinion and leave the watching public to judge
*treat your guest with courtesy and respect.”

Though Rufai erred by the assessment of the said observer, truth is APC style of administration is a threat to order. It is therefore in order to be disorderly when responding to APC until order resumes back to our public life!

Why? “In a state of lawlessness, it is illegal to be law abiding.” (Fidel Castro).

The guest in question, like a typical APC/BAT apologist tried to “change the fact that President Tinubu stopped the fuel subsidy by saying the PIB Bill had already stopped it and not President Tinubu.”

That line of argument is usually why professionals, communicators, journalists and lawyers particularly, are Nigeria’s major problem. They tend to serve the purpose of propaganda against professionalism by attempting to change what is clear!

To imagine that such a liar will look at someone contesting with him on what the fact is and screamed; you are a liar at someone telling the truth is the depth of depravity to which our society has fallen.

Rufai’s engagement with the guest this morning already pulled his pants halfway down. Decorum to professional ethics would have seen him pull his pants, without Rufai being seen as lending his hand to his show of shame. Rufai’s consistent polite “no” to the guest twisting would have gotten the job done!

Buhari provided for subsidy till end of June, 2023 and it was President Tinubu who stopped it in his speech on May 29th, 2023! Simple!


By Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi

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