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Shaibu’s Attempt To Embarrass Edo Governor Backfired — Nehikhare

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Chris Osa Nehikhare, the commissioner for communication and orientation in Edo state has come out to narrate what led to the Shaibu’s media team being sent out during the 60th anniversary colloquium of the creation of the Midwest Region now Edo and Delta states event.

According to Chris Osa who appeared in an interview on Arise TV this morning

“The Deputy Governor came into the event, sat down, hugged everyone and had a good laugh with all the other guests that were in the hall.


A few moments later, there was an accreditation going on because it’s a government event and we needed to accredit those that claimed they were media aids to the deputy governor. We can’t have two governments, we only have one and what we did was that we told them we that we don’t know what they meant by media aid to the deputy governor. “And by the way, they weren’t even accredited and we didn’t know who they were. We asked them to please leave and at that point, one of them picked up his telephone and called the deputy governor that they’ve been refused entry.


Of course, the deputy governor came and there was additional distractions. He said they must be allowed in even though there’s a breach of protocol but we explained to him that the government media team is here already. If everyone was to come with their own media crew, we will not be able to control the crowd.”


“Looking at it in retrospect, it was an attempt to embarrass the government by the deputy governor and now the only person embarrassed is him. Why would he come to an event with his own team, different from the team of the government and that of the one that has been put there.”


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