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The Data War On African-Americans By Racist Pundits

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Whenever some racist commentator is ousted for their past, the question that African-Americans should ask is not why they are racist, but why such people feel emboldened.

What are these people and their supporters so confident about that makes them reckless in how they discuss the African American community?

They often use data to make their inferences seem credible. They pile on whatever it is, for equal opportunity for African Americans. When non-Caucasians from other continents come to the United States and get to the pinnacle of executive offices, they are said to merit it, no one blames affirmative action or diversity. But if an African American does, there are grumbles.

There are top professional African-Americans, who are as qualified and competent in the United States, but it often seems that something hangs over them to reduce how much they have worked to get there.

Though the fight against racism must continue, African Americans must look inward. It should no longer be enough to occupy any office. It is also not good enough to base change strategies on protests. There should also be observations on policies that may seem good for African Americans, but are ensnaring.

Diversity and inclusion while applicable in some cases may also be a recruitment to become flunkies. The scenario that the position was handed by some equity tick, may allow some people seeking to preserve the position or toe the line, to become weak and unable to make any major difference.

African-Americans need professional radicals for innovation, not protestors, not conspiracy theorists, not reverse racism advocates, not hatemongers, not ambitious people for pleasure purposes, not whiners, not those with extensive examples of who was racist, when or how, not those with negative contentment of what they can now afford or donations they can make in the community but those with the intensity of efforts for what it means to pioneer great change for their people.

Around the world, there are people of African descent that have held and hold top positions in

international agencies. There are also major organisations in Africa, all with leadership by Africans.

These people have not driven any change. They are learned and articulate, but it has never made a difference for Africans on the continent that those people are in positions. All they do is do what is there, which should be fine if the continent was developed. The continent is not. If their work does not exist, it would make no difference.

Africans and Black Americans have to seek transformation. The lack of regard by others is a problem of hate and a problem too, at least in recent decades of the failures of those who have made it. When the reality is different, racists may still exist, however, they are unlikely to be this bolstered.

[Genesis 14:3, All these were joined together in the vale of Siddim, which is the salt sea.]

By Nneka Okumazia

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