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Tiktok Deleted 1.4m Nigerian User’s Videos In Q3 2023

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The short video platform owned by Bytedance, TikTok, has reported that during the third quarter of this year, it deleted 1.4 million videos uploaded by Nigerian users.
According to The Times, Nigeria was one of the top 50 nations from which videos abusing the site’s policies originated in Q3, the platform claims. During the evaluation period, 136.5 million videos were taken down from the internet worldwide.

The business noted in its recently published Community Guidelines Enforcement Report that 90% of all content removals for the quarter occurrehe top 50 markets where policy violations were documented.

One or more of TikTok’s policies, which cover topics like Integrity and Authenticity, Privacy and Security, Mental and Behavioural Health, Safety, and Civility, among others, were allegedly broken by the removed content.

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