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Ubongo Launches New Show “Nuzo and Namia” to Promote Inclusive Learning and Celebrate Diverse African Cultures

Ubongo embarked on a journey to create a new show that focuses on the diverse ways in which children can learn while emphasizing the universal language of play

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DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, June 20, 2023/ — Ubongo, Africa’s leading edutainment organization, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of its groundbreaking new show, Nuzo and Namia. This one-of-a-kind program aims to encourage learning through play, promote inclusivity, and raise awareness about neurodiversity across the continent.

Neurodiversity recognizes that individuals perceive and engage with the world in diverse ways, acknowledging that there is no singular “correct” way of thinking, learning, or behaving. It celebrates differences rather than viewing them as shortcomings or deficits. In African households, neurodivergent children often face challenges, including parental concerns, being labeled as slow learners, and even exclusion from schools. Ubongo firmly believes that every child has a unique way of learning and that no child should be left behind in education. With this vision in mind, Ubongo embarked on a journey to create a new show that focuses on the diverse ways in which children can learn while emphasizing the universal language of play.

“We have partnered with The LEGO Foundation, a global leader in children’s play and learning, to develop a groundbreaking early learning program specifically designed for, and with, African children aged 6 to 9 that celebrates different ways of thinking and learning. This partnership has provided us with invaluable insights and expertise that have directly shaped our approach to curricula, pedagogy, content creation, and product design across all of our programs,” said Iman Lipumba, Ubongo’s Director of Communications and Development.

Through this transformative collaboration, Ubongo is committed to equipping every African child with the necessary support to thrive. Ubongo’s organizational goal is to become the leading inclusive, play-based edutainment producer in Africa, improving engagement, learning experiences, and outcomes for all audiences, including neurodivergent children. Additionally, Ubongo aims to increase awareness of Autism, ADHD, and the benefits of Learning Through Play among millions of African families.

At the heart of this initiative is Nuzo and Namia, a captivating show that takes young viewers on a magical adventure. The story revolves around 7-year-old twins, Nuzo and Namia, who share a deep bond with their adventurous grandmother. When their grandmother passes away, the twins move into her house to cope with the loss. Inside, they discover a magical bookshelf that transports them to different African countries in each episode. Accompanied by a magical creature named Bubelang, they embark on exciting adventures that introduce them to diverse cultures, develop their character strengths, and enhance their reading and listening comprehension skills.

“The launch of Nuzo and Namia marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionize education and create engaging, inclusive content that resonates with diverse learners. We plan to adapt the show to over 12 languages to ensure accessibility for audiences with different linguistic backgrounds and learning styles.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we bring the magic of Nuzo and Namia to screens across Africa,” added Ms. Lipumba.

As a pan-African, non-profit social enterprise, Ubongo Edutainment significantly improves school readiness, learning outcomes, and promotes social and behavioral change communication for kids and their caregivers.

More details on the Nuzo and Namia launch and broadcasting schedules can be found at www.NuzoandNamia.com


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