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Vodacom Congo, Official Partner of the 20th Anniversary of the Organization of African First Ladies for Development (OAFLAD)

For Vodacom Congo, this is an opportunity to consolidate its commitment in the DRC, but also that of the Vodacom Group at a pan-African level, in favor of inclusion for all

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, June 19, 2023/ — Vodacom Congo is proud to announce its selection as official sponsor of the 20th anniversary of OAFLAD (Organization of African First Ladies for Development).

OAFLAD is an annual conference that brings together First Ladies from different African countries. This platform enables them to share their experiences and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development, the promotion of women’s and children’s rights on the continent, youth development and the promotion of gender diversity. The distinguished First Ladies will contribute with their expertise and experience to the developing policies and projects aimed at improving the quality of life for the continent’s populations, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable.

For Vodacom Congo, this is an opportunity to consolidate its commitment in the DRC, but also that of the Vodacom Group at a pan-African level, in favor of inclusion for all. Through its Group, Vodacom Congo is taking part in a vast pan-African program called “Africa.Connected”, which aims to accelerate Africa’s digital transformation through connectivity and access to Vodafone and Vodacom digital services and platforms.

“Our ambition to extend coverage and modernize networks to bridge the digital divide in the DRC is part of our pan-African Africa Connected program. This aims to support the inclusion of rural communities and SMEs, and to strengthen the digital and financial skills of women and young people, among others. In this way, we can ensure that no one is left behind,” said Khalil-Al-Americani, CEO of Vodacom Congo.

As an official sponsor of this major event, Vodacom Congo is committed to help meet the challenges of connectivity and affordability and to support positive synergies such as strategic alliances between governments, the private sector and development agencies and technology companies to improve the living conditions of African children, young people and women.

“We are proud to support OAFLAD. Each stakeholder at this high-level conference can bring a unique and different perspective. All these forces gathered around one table can accelerate Africa’s digital literacy program, which is the foundation of sustainable development”: Pamela ILUNGA, Deputy CEO of Vodacom Congo.

The next edition of OAFLAD will be marked by the official launch of the unifying campaign to achieve gender equality in Africa. The campaign aims to mobilize governments, civil society organizations and citizens to promote gender equality as a foundation for sustainable development on the continent, and will focus on four priority pillars: education, health, empowering women and young people, and combating violence against women and girls.

This meeting represents an opportunity to reiterate and strengthen cooperation between African countries, and to promote public policies across the four pillars mentioned above, with the aim of promoting access to essential services and raising awareness of the need to empower women and young people.

The program includes a plenary at the Parliament’s building –Palais du peuple in Kinshasa on the morning of 17 June 2023, followed by a gala dinner and a fundraising event to finance the organization’s projects in the evening. Prior to the day’s festivities, the public will be able to visit the “OAFLAD village”, a gathering several exhibitors including Vodacom Congo, specially built for the occasion on the esplanade of the Académie des Beaux-Arts, from 15 to 18 June 2023.

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