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Black Lives Matters Under Fire For Berating Israel, Refusing To Condemn Hamas

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Black Lives Matter has come under fire after refusing to support Israel in the war launched by Hamas.

The BLM group have been accused of “stroking division” after attacking Labour MP David Lammy for “standing in solidarity” with Israel.

Black Lives Matter protest


The MP for Tottenham wrote a post on social media describing how “utterly appalled” he is “by the news from Israel”.

“There can be no justification for terrorism. We condemn Hamas’ attacks unequivocally and stand in solidarity with Israel at this terrible time,” he wrote.

However, BLM hit back suggesting the MP was “siding with the oppressor”.

In their response, BLM said: “Siding with the oppressor is an insult to all who have and continue to resist colonialism and Apartheid.

“Has Lammy forgotten that Nelson Mandela consistently supported the liberation of Palestine?

“The settler colony is the violence not the victim.”

BLM also shared another post earlier this week declaring their support for Palestine.

It reads: “Solidarity with those resisting Israeli war crimes and military occupation. We say FREE PALESTINE and support the practical solidarity of @Pal_action”

The comments have received backlash from critics who claim the group is rearing its “ugly political marxist head”.

Tory MP Ben Bradley wrote online: “To all those who said that the organisation Black Lives Matter was just taking a harmless, non-political stance on equality, and definitely wasn’t a hard-left or extremist group…

“You were dead wrong. @premierleague can we stop taking a knee for this ’cause’ now please?”

Similarly, MP and GB News’ presenter Lee Anderson also slammed remarks.

Anderson wrote: “Taking The Knee. I was constantly attacked by the left and parts of the MSM over my stance on footballers taking the knee.

“We now see BLM rear its ugly political marxist head again to stoke more division. @premierleague its time to distance yourself.”


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