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Premium Bottled Water Brand, Aquafina Lends A Helping Hand To Dr. H20

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Aquafina, Nigeria’s leading premium bottled water brand, has extended a helping hand to Dr. H2O, a remarkable young Nigerian who gained widespread recognition for his extraordinary marketing skills.

Dr. H2O, whose real name is Wisdom Alfred, became a sensation on social media after a viral video showcased his captivating marketing of Aquafina water in the bustling bus garage of Onitsha, Anambra State.

Now, thanks to Aquafina, he is the proud owner of a thriving business worth tens of millions of Naira.

This significant moment exemplifies Aquafina’s commitment to being “Naija’s Padi Of Life,” not only by inspiring and refreshing Nigerians but also by transforming the lives of its customers for the better. The brand’s support for Wisdom Alfred signifies a true emblem of brand excellence and marks a remarkable turning point in his journey.

Aquafina Inspires and Empowers Wisdom Nsima As a True 'Padi of Life'

Isaac Iku, the AGM of Seven-Up Bottling Company Enugu, expressed his delight at discovering such a genuine and exceptional talent like Wisdom, who has become a source of inspiration for many. He said, “Wisdom’s journey is an inspirational testament to the power of determination and sheer audacity. We commend him for his intelligence and passion towards his legitimate hustle. His marketing prowess and his genuine passion for our brand have left an indelible mark on us. We are thrilled to work with him and support his business dreams. He is an example of the talent Nigeria needs, and at SBC, we are excited to collaborate with him and provide a brighter future, in line with our ‘Padi of Life’ brand campaign objective for 2023.”

In his heartfelt appreciation speech, Wisdom Alfred expressed his excitement about embarking on this new journey and extended his profound gratitude to the Aquafina family.

He emphasized that this unexpected turn of events, which took him from a street hawker to a business owner overnight, is truly a life-changing opportunity for him.

He stated, “This is an unexpected turnaround from one day of hawking water. Thank you, Aquafina, for your support in making my dream a reality; taking me from a street hawker to a business owner overnight is truly a big one for me, and I will always be grateful.”

Aquafina is excited to collaborate with Wisdom on his promising journey and is committed to supporting his business to help him stay on this legitimate path he has crafted for himself. This heartwarming initiative is a testament to Aquafina’s dedication to nurturing talent and transforming lives in Nigeria.

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