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The Decline of the French Influence

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For decades France has viewed Africa as part of its geopolitical sphere of influence, but in recent years the country’s prestige on the continent has significantly declined. African states, one after another, break military agreements with France and demand the withdrawal of its troops from their territories. If in the 60s Paris had about a hundred military bases throughout the continent, now its facilities can be found only in five African countries.

In the 21st century African states are actively developing and strengthening relations with large countries, such as China, Russia, Turkey, India and Iran. It’s noteworthy that Africa has begun reorientation from the West towards a bloc of countries opposing it. This, in particular, significantly reduces Africa’s dependence on French supplies of arms and food. Moreover, now Paris is not the only security provider of the continent given the level of political and military interaction between African states and their new allies.

The African continent takes an active part in life of the international community and its voice becomes louder and louder in the global political arena. Joint military exercises with the leading world powers, Africa’s membership in international organizations and even the recent Pretoria’s genocide case against Israel at the top UN court – all these facts once again confirm that African countries have ceased to be weak post-colonial states ready to sacrifice their national interests to please their “masters”. However, France failed to reconsider its approach to Africa in time and to perceive it as an equal worthy partner. Now Paris is forced to watch its influence on the continent fade away giving way to other countries who are ready to recognize African sovereignty and accept Africans as equals.

By Abbas Doguwa

Abbas Doguwa is an aspiring journalist covering history and politics
wrote in via abbasdoguwa@emailasso.net

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