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The Rise of Tap-to-Earn Apps: Understanding the Mechanisms and Motivations

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“No one feeds a chicken for nothing. The aim is, to either grow it to eat or sell it for others to feed on”- African Proverbs

In today’s digital age, a new breed of apps has emerged, capitalizing on human psychology and our innate desire for rewards. Tap-to-earn apps, also known as reward apps, have gained some significant popularity, enticing users to tap buttons, complete tasks, and engage with advertisements in exchange for points, cash, or other rewards.

But what drives this phenomenon, and what are the underlying motivations behind these apps? Like I said earlier no one feeds a chicken for free?


At their core, tap-to-earn apps rely on the principle of operant conditioning, where users are conditioned to perform specific actions through positive reinforcement. By providing rewards for tapping buttons, completing surveys, or watching ads, these apps create a psychological response, encouraging users to repeat the behaviour. This mechanism is designed to foster user engagement, retention, and loyalty.

The primary objective of tap-to-earn apps is to generate revenue through advertising. By offering rewards, apps attract users who are willing to engage with advertisements, providing a lucrative stream of income for the app developers. Additionally, these apps collect valuable user data, which can be sold to market research firms, providing insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. Data here is currency and you are being used.

Another significant motivation behind tap-to-earn apps is the promotion of other apps or services. By offering rewards for installing or engaging with specific apps, developers can increase their user base and drive revenue through in-app purchases or advertising.


For instance, as of 2024, the estimated population of Facebook users is;2.96 billion monthly Active Users (MAU) while approximately Daily Active Users (DAU) is 1.84 billion. That is currency. As for the worth of Facebook, it is difficult to estimate the exact value as it fluctuates constantly based on various market and economic factors. However, as of 2024, the estimated worth of Facebook is: Market Capitalization: approximately USD 850 billion
– Revenue (2023): approximately USD 117 billion.

While tap-to-earn apps can provide a means to earn extra money or rewards, it is crucial to understand their monetization models and data collection practices. Users must be aware of the terms and conditions, recognizing that their data and engagement are the currency fueling these apps.

In conclusion, tap-to-earn apps have become a significant player in the digital landscape, leveraging psychological principles and human behaviour to drive engagement and revenue. By understanding the mechanisms and motivations behind these apps, users can make informed decisions about their participation and appreciate the value of their data and engagement in the digital economy.


Also, know this and don’t complain later about stolen data or valuables because dark web operators can harvest your hard-earned money via these means. And remember no one feeds a chicken for free. It is either to be slaughtered for barbecue, roast, fry, packaged or sold to consumers. But ultimately, the chicken must be consumed.


By Tife Owolabi

Tife Owolabi is a Development Studies enthusiast and he writes from Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

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